Pure Massage



Relax, or work out that tension, injury or stress! Whether you prefer deep tissue or relaxation, you and your therapist will select the type of treatment that is right for you. You will leave feeling relaxed and revitalized.

85 minutes - $150/ 55 minutes - $105/ 25 minutes $65


Hot Stone Massage

Experience the warmth and energy of this treatment. The soothing warm stones are massaged over the body and the heat of stones create a sense of relaxation from head to toe. This is a serene experience not to be missed. 

*not recommended during hot weather*

85 minutes - $170

Deep Heat Massage

Stimulate circulation while revitalizing your skin with the soothing effects of paraffin wax. Your treatment experience begins with heated paraffin applied to your back, relax while the warmth alleviates all your aches and pains. Next select a calming relaxation, or opt for a deep tissue massage session. This therapeutic heat treatment will leave you feeling purely soothed and revitalized.

100 minutes - $170/ 70 minutes - $125/ 40 minutes - $85



If you require a receipt for insurance purposes or have a preference for male or female practitioners please inform the receptionist at the time of booking.  We will always try and accommodate your requests.  However, in the event no preference is made at the time of booking you will be booked with the first available practitioner.